Mars in gemini man compatibility

Once committed, he is not likely to leave you, but understand that his dual nature will, at times, be a bit hard to swallow. This man may seem withholding, and he probably is. Especially in the first stages of a relationship, he may be afraid to reveal his private thoughts, for fear of scaring you off. Once you prove to a Gemini man that you are there for the long-term, come what may, he will throw his caution to the wind for you and open up emotionally. Mars and Gemini in Love will speak their mind. A Gemini is not one to hold their tongue, so when in love and war, you sure know how to use words to your advantage.

You have a leg up on any partner who does not have the same skill set, so be careful what you say to others. Your words are probably capable of cutting deeper than you realize. Understand that your search for love and fulfillment needs to start with the self. The public-you and the private-you self. Are you hiding a drug habit or secret affair—or is your secret more of a sneak-a-cigarette-when-the-kid-goes-to-bed type offense?

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You will benefit from analyzing the relationship between your own symbolic Twins in your personality before inviting a romantic partner into your life, long-term. This sounds like an eternally excruciating process, but you will find that Mars in Gemini will clear some things up for you, and help you better articulate your need and wants to your loved ones. Your best prospects for love are with a partner who can keep you mentally and emotionally stimulated and feel secure.

The homebody aspect of a caring Cancer might appeal most to you. You may also find harmony in a home with a fellow Air sign—Aquarius or Libra. Your worst prospects for love are with a partner who fails to recognize the beauty in your duality. A harsh, demanding Virgo will not understand your needs to travel, try hard things, or let things play out.

Likewise, as much as you might love home life with a Cancer, once you want to step out for a minute, they can get too clingy for you. Mars enters Gemini on April 21 st. Be sure to use this window until to June 4 th , to utilize the help and strength on loan to you, care of Mars in Gemini.

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Use this time and strength to carry out the plans your two halves have been debating. Take decisive, swift, and confident action, with Mars in Gemini. You can do it. When we are looking at Mars in Gemini, then there are a number of rather interesting traits that can be associated with this particular coming together. In fact, it will be better to spend some time looking at different facts linked to it in order to provide a better explanation as to why you might want to pay some attention to it all. First, it means that you have what can only be described as a magnetic personality and draw people to you.

Also, you give off a real confidence about yourself which is also attractive. You have a wonderful sense of humour which is also yet another draw, so be prepared for people to effectively swarm around you like flies. Mars in Gemini also means that you have an aggressive streak, but this is handled in a positive way.

Your Mars Sign Meaning Reveals A Lot About Your Sexual Needs, So Take Notes

You have a tendency to attack problems head-on and will stand up for what you believe to be right. There is little backing down unless you know that it can cause more damage than it is worth, so you do have a level head on your shoulders. Some may have a slight issue with their temper and trying to keep it under control, but that is something you can work on as you develop other aspects of how you tackle these issues.

If you are a woman, then Mars in Gemini indicates that you are a keen observer of things and nothing is going to be able to get past you. However, you also need to be willing to display real honesty rather than what could potentially happen, which is being viewed as someone that can stab you in the back. There is a real sense of alertness about you, and this is something that you seek to put to good use as much as possible. A Gemini man in this instance can often reveal that they are scared to really show their emotions in the early stages of a relationship. A Mars in Gemini person may start a conversation with you while simultaneously speaking with two or three other people.

Don't worry, they haven't forgot about you. They'll come back around to you and amazingly pick up right where they left off. Conversations involving wit, humor and teasing are popular "pick up" tactics for those with their Mars in Gemini. Words are their tool in getting whatever they want, whether it's a job, an object or a person. When they finally focus on you amid all of their chatter, watch them use words to sell you on how great they are.


It really can sound like a sales pitch, or the less direct types will use jokes or an endless stream of questions. Whatever it is, it involves a lot of talking. When the pursuit over, their easily bored and distracted nature can make them feel like you are a puzzle that is already solved and you don't seem so interesting any more. If you like them, make sure you keep their attention. Keep them talking. Probe them with questions.

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Tell them how smart they are and spark their interest with new topics. The more outlandish, the better. Mundane, common things will bore them.

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Challenge their mind and make them think, or they will pursue someone who does. They need intellectual stimulation and are driven to seek it out in the world and in people. Even common gossip is better than talking about work or the weather, or God forbid, yourself. You will lose them immediately if you start talking about your feelings or anything too personal.

To keep Mars in Gemini people focused on their goals, they require variety and stimulation. They get bored very easily. Goals must be pursued quickly before they lose interest. They are aware of this tendency in themselves.