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It is possible to tell that calendars are coordinated with the numerological sequence of years, and it is the not casual fact as calendars were made with people which knew numerology. Though the choice of time for Creation of the World is mysterious but is doubtless that the choice was not casual and consequently numbers of years from Creation of the World and number of years from Birth of the Christ can be considered as significant for time of existence of the World.

Namely year from Birth of the Christ is year from Creation of the World that allows to consider events and cultural processes of year from the point of view of values which numbers and have in numerology. It is possible to assume that date for Creation of the World have calculated according to chronology which is present in the Bible, and as a result have found the index point of calculations which corresponds with bible chronology and allows to see a history of the world in numbers of years.

Or it is possible to assume that in the Bible there is no real chronology but is present a numerological code allowed to calculate date which is the numerological code of the world beginning and is the code of a world history. Namely it is possible to assume that the code of the Bible was solved and marked in date of the World Creation which concerns to year before Birth of the Christ according to the Byzantine style of chronology.

Pay attention to year from Creation of the World as it is Great Year. At the end of this page I offer some psychological algorithms according to which it is possible to describe numbers of age. From 1 till 9 years at childhood age people have features which are similar to characteristics of appropriate numerological numbers and gods who symbolize numbers provided that pure values of numbers are shown, and consequently children are most similar to gods. The youth age from 10 till 19 years is the period when the numerological number 1 has major importance, and other numbers consistently cooperate with number 1 and add additional characteristics for human individuality.

In the age of 10 years within the tenth year of life the human individuality for the first time realizes own existence that is similar to the first year of life, but at ten years' age number 1 is shown at a new level as the zero among 10 increases the category of number 1 according to rules of numerology. In other numbers from 10 up to 19 during the youth period of life the unit too has the decimal category and consequently the human individuality aspires to consciousness and self-affirmation which is peculiar to the appropriate god of Greek mythology Ares.

In the age of 11 years within the eleventh year of life the human individuality for the first time compares with people and also realizes individuality of other people. In essence the human individuality starts to distinguish specific features of each person and starts to estimate itself in comparison with associates as number 11 symbolizes ratio of two units which are comparable but everyone has unique essence according to rules of numerology.

In the age of 12 years within the twelfth year of life the human individuality realizes contradictions or sympathies which exist between people, and also realizes influence of people against each other as number 1 cooperates with number 2 which is personification of Artemis and Hecate.

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Namely in the age of 12 years the human individuality starts to see the world from the point of view of dual nature of Artemis, and also starts to realize influences which Hecate has. But nevertheless the basic number in the youth period of life corresponds to Ares and consequently the human individuality looks at the world by eyes of Ares though sees and aspires to realize the phenomena which are caused by Artemis and Hecate. Or the human individuality is compelled to experience events which are caused by influence of Artemis and Hecate.

It is possible to tell that Ares studies to understand the world from the point of view of other gods and by that studies to understand people which have other psychological features. And so on in continuation of the youth period of life the human individuality is similar to Ares and aspires to self-affirmation, but consistently agrees to increase of age numbers realizes the world from the point of view of other gods. Then in the age of 20 years the following period of life from 20 till 29 years begins, during which the basic is numerological number 2 and other numbers become significant according to a growing sequence of years.

And further age changes of people are caused by numerological numbers in which decimal categories specify the ten years' periods and unitary categories specify years in the ten years' periods.

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The most significant during life become numbers which are stressed in dates of birth and names of people, that is numbers of age are shown with different intensity depending on the importance of numbers for this or that person. For example, the person was born July, 17, and consequently numbers 9 number of birthday and 9 number of birth year for the person are significant about calculation of numbers is told above on this page.

If date September, 13, is predicted then the number of age 1 is interconnected with numbers of birth year and birthday Namely it is possible to assume that within the first year of life when usually children cry and demand attention, that it is peculiar for Ares 1 , the considered baby will show smaller anxiety rather than the majority of children as the anxiety is not peculiar to Aphrodite 9. Besides for the person numbers of a name are significant, which too are necessary for considering in the ratio with numbers of days and years, and in the ratio with numbers of age.

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For the analysis of numbers it is possible to use the shown scheme:. For the numerological analysis it is necessary in white circles to write numbers which are received as a result of appropriate numerological calculations. About numbers of age, and also about numbers of days and years it is told above on this page. About calculations for numbers of a name it is told in section of this site which has the name numerology. About numbers of the sun and the moon, and also about numbers AS line of horizon and MC line of middle of the sky it is told on the fourth page of this site section.

When necessary numerological numbers are calculated and written, it is possible to analyze ratio of numbers according to blue lines which symbolize channels of numerical interrelations. Namely blue lines in the scheme specify ratio which are necessary for considering for definition of psychological features of the person and for the prognosis of events which can be caused by interaction of numbers.

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If numbers AS and MC are not known then it is possible to use other analytical scheme of Anthropocosmos which is shown on the following image:. In the shown scheme it is possible to designate and consider additional channels of numerical ratio, i. For example, a ratio of the birthday number with number of the current year of life, and also a ratio of the birth-year number with number of the current day concern to different chronological cycles and are not stressed, and consequently in the shown scheme are not designated. But numerical ratio of birthday and birth-year with numbers of age can be considered, or numerical ratio of birthday and birth-year with numbers of space can be considered, though in the shown scheme these ratio are not designated.

And also it is possible to consider other not designated ratio which exist in the shown scheme if the complex analysis of the human person is necessary.

If numbers of the sun and the moon are not known, and also if numbers of space are not known, then it is possible to apply two following schemes:. In essence in the right scheme for calculations of numerological numbers it is enough to use calendar dates and letters of a name, and in the left scheme in addition it is necessary to determine geodetic coordinates according to which calculate numbers of a place.

Thus, for the person numbers of age and numbers of a name are important, and also numbers of birthday and birth-year matter.

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And also it is possible to consider numbers of the current years and days of life, and some other numbers which are determined according to positions of heavenly objects within the framework of astrological circle. All listed numbers form multilevel system of the human person and allow to speak about character and psychological predispositions of the person, or allow to speak about events which result from ratio of the person with movement of chronological cycles and are the reason for formation of individual features.

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And also allow to speak about many others anthropocosmic spheres of human essence. More detailed information on methods for numerological analyses within the framework of various anthropocosmic schemes look in other sections of this site.

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