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The planet Venus signifies the lover or spouse of the native. It is associated with fertility and sexual health. Venus trine Jupiter natal ranks up there as one of the best of all aspects in astrology. Without harsh aspects affecting this trine, you can expect a life of ease and comfort earned through previous incarnations of loving service. Even with associated challenging aspect, Venus trine Jupiter will lessen any hardships and bring love and […]. The zodiac is the belt of constellations through which the Sun, the Moon and the planets transit across the sky.

Mercury in Taurus - Taurus Mercury Sign and Mercury in Taurus Transit Meanings - zodiac, astrology, horoscopes, magic, wicca, occult, witchy, witchcraft, pagan Expect the royal treatment in love and fierce protection of pride from rejection.

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The main thing with a Venus transit is to be available -- get out and be seen! Venus Sagittarius Love Style and Traits. But, there are some methods that were lost in pop culture astrology known as daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes.

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Venus in Astrology. Venus is the planet of love, relationships, beauty, and finances. It guides the way we think about love, how we feel about being in a partnership, how we act on our needs and desires, and the role money and people play in our lives. The Houses where Venus has Domicile are the 2nd and 7th Houses of one's natal chart. Venus, being named after the Roman goddess of beauty and love, is the planet most associated with love, beauty, harmony, and sexuality. Personal Reports.

Mercury Conjunct the Sun — Today’s Astrology — January 18, 2013

Venus in Libra This is a comfortable position for Venus as Libra is its own sign. Venus is a feminine watery planet while Libra is a movable air sign. Watery Venus here exerts its energy like pockets of water that trap the air inside and form bubbles. When Saturn forms a trine or degree angle with Venus that means that the qualities of Saturn and Venus compound and join forces. Transit trines and th. The Moon is always moving, meaning that regardless of whether you were conceived with the Moon in another zodiac sign, we all have some qualities of the Gemini zodiac sign a few days or so every month.

On the days where the Moon is in Gemini, one should be a little more cogni. If Venus is in Pisces, the individual will be witty, tactful, learned, modest, powerful, respected, and will always seek pleasure.

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Role of Venus in Vedic Predictions by Moon Signs The effects of Venus's transit as it travels through the various houses when counted from the 'Janma Rashi' is as follows:. Yes, Venus in Scorpio can be pretty heavy, but it can also be truly amazing. If you were born with Venus in Today, the Moon is in the horoscope sign of Capricorn and the Sun is in the 1st Role Of Venus In Astrology. Venus is the planet well known for love, romance, sex, beauty, music, dance and recreations sources. This is also known as Morning Star and can be easily recognized when seen in the north direction early in the morning.

In this webcast, we will talk about the importance of Venus in Vedic astrology. We will also talk about the effects of Venus in a Kundali and the issues and remedies related to it. Importance of Venus in astrology.

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According to ancient legends, Venus was a son of Saint Bhrigu and Khyati. Sun in Aquarius Aquarius is a fixed airy sign ruled by Saturn, which as earlier stated is inimical towards Sun. The energy of the airy Aquarius fans the flames of the fiery Sun, thus the position of Sun in Aquarius makes the native short-tempered. Such a person is a typical miser and is quite frugal with their spending.

The Venus planet is widely known as the Goddess of kindness and affection. And it symbolizes the female features and characteristics.

Moreover, she also signifies the sensual pleasure. She is the key factor who induces physical attraction towards the opposite sex.

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In simple words, she is totally gorgeous, stylish and graceful. Libra sign is ruled by Venus - the planet of beauty and relationship. Saturn is exalted in Libra, giving them a strong sense of right and wrong.

Libra natives live in their own world and are just and fair people. They have strong ethics and idealistic side to them. They like to be with others, make friends and can get influenced by them. Astrology is to be used as a guidance to understand about life. Since Virgo cherishes cleanliness and order, …. For the Aries individuals, this transit represents their 5th house ruler crossing their first house of self and body, bringing to them success, an increased desire to learn, and brilliant leadership abilities.

Astrology is a universal tool for unlocking your greatest talents. Venus opposite Ascendant in the natal chart is also called Venus conjunct Descendant and Venus setting. This very positive aspect makes you sociable and popular. You have good diplomatic skills and always want peace. The New Moon in Capricorn, which is ruled by planet Saturn, will also be the first lunation since Saturn entered Capricorn. You may already have already started to figure out what challenges this transit has designed for you pssst — it likely involves stepping up your game tremendously and dedicating yourself to the pursuit of mastery in a given area.

The New Moon, Venus, and Sun in Capricorn in square to Uranus and Pallas-Athena in Aries feels like a showdown between the old guard and a group of young and hungry rabble-rousers. You may feel ready to set the world aflame, but I wonder if there may be a prod or two telling you to calm TF down and settle into chop wood, carry water. On January 17th , Venus squares Pallas-Athena. Venus in Capricorn finds comfort in the old-school structure of relationships, but Venus in Aquarius bristles at the same.

January 18th holds a trine between Mars in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces.

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The urge to heal rises, and you may feel incredibly ready to meet a deep wound head-on. Mars in Scorpio will provide penetrative levels of sight, and Chiron in Pisces enough compassion to keep you feeling held amongst the feels. Happy Birthday Aquarian friends. Thus, now is a good moment for hitting the pause button. When Pallas-Athena was in Aries, speed may have seemed the thing — the faster, the better; now, you may be weighing up whether or not that was wise or just plain willful.

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  • The resulting square, or tense aspect, between the Sun in Aquarius and Pallas-Athena in Taurus may add another layer here: are you attempting to innovate faster than you can integrate? If so, you will feel it today, in the form of self-doubt or anxiety about accomplishing your goals. In Aquarius, Juno wants to approach societal partnership norms and snap them in half; in Leo, Ceres wants to help nurture your creative longings.

    So, what to do? Find a way to satisfy both these inner voices. The milder aspects of January 19th will help to smooth over any jagged bits. Venus sextile Vesta will help bring a touch of affection to those who need it, while Mercury sextile Neptune will make sure you have the right dreamy words on tap. The Moon this week will be in the waning phase, starting off in Sagittarius and ending in Pisces; the Moon will start off in the Balsamic phase and end in the New Moon phase.